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What is Muu Ka Ta ?

MuuKata6395 or Mu Kratha is a southeast Asian cooking method. Muu means pork. Ka Ta represents the pan for cooking. Muu Ka Ta is similarly to Korean BBQ but we have soup around the pan.

How to eat Muu Ka Ta is you pick raw ingredients and cook them yourself on a tabletop grill. Traditionally, the tabletop grill has a raised dome with small holes where you can cook your meats and a space surrounding the dome to cook vegetables, fish balls, and mushrooms in a broth. The sliced meat is usually pre-marinated, and the broth is lightly flavored, so you actually only have to toss the ingredients into the pan and wait for them to be cooked, and then you can dipping with sauce or you can eat like soup and with sauce. Muu Ka Ta sauce makes the taste unique, spacial and delicious.

General we are eating Muu Ka Ta with a group of people to celebrate and party. Muu Ka Ta is charming people to create activity, joyful and unique in the table or you say "A place of fun, joyful and entertaining. A place for hanging out/ reunion with your friends. The best way to end your day, full of laughter and full of tummy."   “Yummy in my tummy :)”


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